Revealed: Behind The Scenes at a Boudoir Photoshoot!

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a boudoir photoshoot? It’s not just about taking beautiful photos – there’s a lot of preparation that goes into creating a successful shoot. From a pre-shoot consultation to wardrobe selection, and from mood-setting music to careful lighting setup, every element must work together in order to create an amazing result. To truly understand the process, it helps to take a look at what goes on before and during a Patrick Michael Boudoir photoshoot.

So let's go behind the scenes with the fabulous Ms. K as she experiences her very first boudoir photo shoot! 

THE Bridal Show

Oh, hello there! Like Ms. K, there is a good chance we also met you at a bridal show!

We met Ms. K at a local bridal show. While many of our clients come from referrals, social media, or our website, we especially love attending bridal shows. Bridal shows are great because they give us a chance to connect in person, and you also get hands-on experience with our luxurious, hand-made albums that make such beautiful wedding gifts. Ms. K's wedding date was still nearly a year away, so this gave us ample time to plan the shoot. 

The Pre-Shoot Consultation

After booking the shoot, we scheduled a pre-shoot consultation. Since it can be intimidating to take on a boudoir photo shoot for the first time, the pre-shoot consultation is one of the most important steps we can take to ensure the final images live up to your expectations. By exploring all aspects of the shoot, from start time, hair and makeup, outfit selection, and Q&A, we are able to visualize the shoot and plan according so that everything comes together just right. 

The Big SHoot Date

After months of anticipation, the day of Ms K's shoot had finally come. She made the journey from near and far to arrive at the shoot in Orlando early - ready to begin at 9am. With a beaming smile on her face, she stepped through the door full of enthusiasm and preparedness - all set for a wonderful experience!

After welcoming her and helping her get situated with her luggage, it was off to hair and makeup -- but not before we quickly got this fun "before" pic!

Even without makeup you can see Ms. K shine!

Hair and makeup

Getting hair and makeup done professionally is an essential part of the boudoir experience. Our talented hair and makeup artist, Rachael, used subtle tones to highlight Ms. K's best features and create a polished, glamorous look that helped Ms. K feel even more beautiful and confident. A touch of hair styling helped add the perfect finishing touches, ensuring that she was ready to rock her session!

Hair and makeup is also a great time to relax, get settled in, and get pampered a bit before the shoot!

The mirror "reveal" always elicits a similar response!

Getting started

After the hair and makeup were complete, we took a few moments to go through her outfit choices, eventually deciding on a laid-back yet stylish off-the-shoulder sweater. Although lingerie is often associated with boudoir shoots, there's no right or wrong wardrobe choice - it all comes down to preference. We like to have fun and try to capture different looks and feelings so our clients can create unique wedding gifts with their photos!

Some images have a relaxed, casual appeal like this kitchen stunner

While other images offer beauty in simplicity like this head turning portrait.

Ms. K's unbridled enthusiasm, complemented by the careful interplay of hues and lighting in her photos, enabled us to truly capture the nuances of her individual personality. It was almost unbelievable that she had never stood before a professional photographer before - but just goes to show that with a little bit of eagerness and the right atmosphere, anyone can make for an excellent boudoir model!

Compare Ms. K's look here compared to the two above and you almost see a different person!

Not everyone is comfortable believing they can pose for a boudoir photoshoot, but you don't have to worry about it. We spend time before the shoot to discuss key aspects of posing, so with our gentle instruction and tips, you are able to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. We take time to understand your individual personality and preferences, to ensure all our shots look as natural and beautiful as possible!

During the shoot, Ms. K posed in a range of different looks, making it quite a challenge to narrow down the best ones. We created captivating silhouette images, dramatic shots with high contrast lighting and beautiful portraits lit to perfection. 

Back lighting with some curves and some triangles makes for a dramatic silhouette 

Deeper shadows and a dramatic pose sets the mood

We were honored that Ms. K chose to work with Patrick Michael Boudoir for her bridal boudoir shoot. Our aim was to capture her unique spirit while having a great time! We are immensely proud of the end result of our collaboration and are confident we were able to bring her vision to life!

I'm a photographer based in Orlando, Florida that focuses on elegant and tasteful boudoir photography.  My goal is for every client to walk away from our session feeling more confident than when she arrived. What's it like to work with me? Click here to find out!

- Patrick Michael

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