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Celebrate Your 

Love With A Gift 

You'll Both



 Luxury Boudoir Photography  & Videography 

Celebrate Your Love

 With A Gift You'll

Both Never Forget!

Give A Unique Wedding or Anniversary

Gift...Crafted From Love

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Your special day deserves the best, so why not get it? A boudoir photo shoot session is empowering, sensual, and offers a one-of-a-kind experience that you will absolutely love doing. It also makes for an irresistible gift that you both will love! 

My Promise To You:

From start to finish, you'll feel comfortable, confident, and pampered during your boudoir photoshoot experience. Godiva chocolates anyone?

You'll feel like the most beautiful woman you know, even long after the session is over. You will be madly in love with yourself for this!

Your significant other will get a sexy gift they can't look away from! And your eyes will see what your partner already sees in you!

Add Professional Video To Your Photoshoot For The Ultimate Boudoir Experience!

"The moment I met Patrick his professionalism made me very comfortable. He had clear experience in posing me and did so with a continual positive attitude by telling me when to smile, shift, etc during my session with him. It was a great success, so much so that I did a second one!!"

- Susan B.

Patrick Michael


Patrick Michael

I'm a photographer in Orlando, Florida that focuses on elegant and tasteful boudoir photography. In particular, I love helping women who are looking for something special to commemorate their wedding or anniversary.  My boudoir photoshoot experience is a great way to treat yourself while also surprising your significant other!


I work with everyday women and want each one to feel they deserve love at any size or shape. Most important, my goal is for each client to walk away from our session feeling more confident than when she arrived!


Professional...But Fun!

I help Orlando area women feel beautiful and empowered every day. To do this I take pride in providing a safe, non-judgmental, and welcoming environment conducive to a truly memorable boudoir photoshoot experience! When you feel comfortable and at ease, it allows you to feel sexy in front of the camera and embrace who you are. In short, you'll have a blast, and will love, love, love the images we create!

Note: Our pre-shoot hair and makeup team is female, and a female assistant can be present during the shoot, if requested.

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an IRRESISTIBLE gift to be cherished forever

A luxury leather-bound photo album gives you a tangible, hands-on experience like no other. It really is the perfect gift to give on your wedding or anniversary day. It's thoughtful and personal, with sensual imagery that will remind your love why they fell head over heels for you!

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Learn How to Prep for your boudoir photo shoot and get $100 off your session with my free guide!

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