Our 3-Step Process For Your Dream Boudoir Session


Let's Chat!

We begin with a quick phone or video chat to get to know you better and talk about what you want out of the shoot. We'll share information on outfits, locations, pricing and turnaround times. If we're a good fit, we'll select a date and book your session!


On Your Session Day!

We'll start your session with our hair and makeup team helping you get settled in and ready for your session. Afterward, the real fun begins! For the next 1.5 hours your photo shoot experience will feel a lot like a motivational seminaryoga class, day at the spa, and modeling shoot, all in one! 


Pick Your Favorites!

A few days after the photo shoot, we’ll meet and you'll have to make some tough decisions -- picking your favorites for your album! We won't rush this; we’ll want to take our time assembling your photos into a breathtaking album that will be cherished forever!

What's it Really Like to Work With Me?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in a boudoir photo shoot?

Our goal is to create a luxurious personal photo shoot experience for you!

The truth is, most women don't do professional photo shoots every day, so we want this to be an exciting, fun-filled day for you.

To do this, we'll first help you relax and get settled in with the assistance of an award-winning professional hair and makeup team. The artists we work with will know exactly how to bring out your best features so you will look amazing in front of the lens.

Second, we'll spend some time going over outfit selections. This is a collaborative process to find the right balance between comfort, beauty, and a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that will help us capture the exact look you want in your images. 

Next, we'll coach you on how to present in front of the camera. Even professional models get help here, so we'll coach you on exactly what you need to do. We'll teach you how to position your body, hands, where to look...everything. No stress here, after a few minutes of coaching, you'll be at it like a pro. 

Finally, for the next 90 minutes or so, we'll guide you through a series of posed, moving, and even candid shots that will bring this all together and ultimately result in amazing personal keepsakes that you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Where is the photo shoot location?

Boudoir photography can take on a variety of looks and feels depending on the location used. I use downtown Orlando locations, resorts, or even the beach. I'll work with you to determine the ideal environment to capture the exact mood you want in your images. Some women feel most comfortable in their own home, while others want something different and unique. I'm committed to finding the best option for you!

How do I prepare for my photo shoot and what outfits should I bring?

I've takes all the guesswork out of preparing for your photo shoot and selecting the right outfits. Downloading my FREE guide, 6-Steps To Rock Your First Boudoir Photo Shoot will not only help you prep, but will also discount your session fee $100! Click here to download.

Is hair and makeup provided?

We team up with the best hair and makeup artists in Orlando. Our celebrity makeup artists know exactly how to bring out your best features so you glow in front of the camera

Is hair and makeup required?

Hair and makeup is not required, but strongly suggested. Our team of artists know exactly how to bring out your best in front of the camera, and will work with you to your preferences. Besides, professional hair and makeup gives a spa-day feeling to the whole experience. Who doesn't love that?

Will I be coached on how to pose?

Directing your boudoir photography sessions is one of the most important aspects of your photo shoot. We'll make sure you know exactly what to do, where to look, and how to move to give your images a beautiful and natural look. No stress here, you'll be posing like a pro in no time!

How long does it take to receive my order?

Your images will be professionally edited and ready for review typically in 1-2 days. Upon image selection, you'll have a variety of personal keepsakes to choose from including professionally bound albums and amazing wall art. Delivery of finished product depends on your selection, but typically takes 14-21 days. If you need it quicker, rush orders are available.

Will you post my pictures online?

Your privacy is important to me. I love to share my work on my website or social media, but will only share images you have agreed in writing to let me share. Even if you have agreed in writing, but later change your mind, I will respect your decision and remove the pictures. 

Ms. G

Featured in Video

"Now that I've seen the images, I've been absolutely blown away! I definitely have a different perspective of myself and how I see myself. I carry myself with my head higher. I know that my crown my tip, but I'll never let it fall --and I have those photos as a reminder of that."

More Rave Reviews


Patrick was very professional and made me feel relaxed throughout the shoot. He knows how a woman should pose to bring out the curves and muscles in the right places. Very important! I could not believe how beautiful I felt, especially after seeing the pictures! Very empowering experience! I would highly recommend him!!

Ms. J 


Patrick was great to work with. The photos he took are amazing! I referred two of my good friends to him, both were a little nervous at first because they had never done it before... 30 min in they were having so much fun and had some of their own ideas for photos that Patrick helped them recreate. I saw them both a week later and they were gushing about how much they loved the photos!

Ms. I. 


Never been much of a boudoir kind of person, but when I needed some special photos, I found Patrick. He has had some great reviews, so I had to check him out.  He made me feel comfortable and at ease despite doing something out of my comfort zone. Patrick also has a very artistic approach to getting that perfect shot with the lighting, background, and props. Highly, highly recommend.

Ms. B.

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